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Living a Healthy Life – 3 Food Lessons from Japan Healthy Lifestyles

Keys to a Long Life & Healthy Lifestyles

Living a Healthy Life - 3 Food Lessons from JapanIn Japan, people tend to live long, healthy lives. Cultural values certainly play a role – the Japanese emphasis on healthy lifestyles, moderation extends to meal times, where the widely followed cultural maxim instructs you to stop eating when you feel 80% full. But the food itself plays an even bigger part to living a healthy life: the Japanese diet is incredibly rich in seafood and vegetables prepared in ways that make for healthy eating.

But, you don’t have to be a Japanese-style cook to take advantage of the key ingredients that make Japanese food healthy for seniors, or to prepare delicious recipes like the three included here.

Perhaps the simplest way to evaluate the healthiness of a given culture’s diet is to measure the life expectanc...

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