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Changing Your Brain – Inside Quest

Norman Doidge on Neuroplasticity and Changing Your Brain – Inside Quest

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Switch On Your Brain


As you Think…so you Are. To Change who you are, Change your Thinking.




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Why Voice Activation Technology Should Never Be Used in Scotland.

Video: Burnistoun S1E1 – Voice Recognition Elevator – ELEVEN

This hilarious clip from Burnistoun shows why voice activation technology should never be used in Scotland.

For those having trouble with the accent, see transcript below.

[Iain] Where’s the buttons?
[Rob] Oh no, they’ve installed voice-recognition technology in this lift, they have no buttons.
[Iain] Voice-recognition technology? In a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology?
[Rob] No.
[Iain] They don’t do Scottish accents.
[Rob] Eleven.
[VOICE] Could you please repeat that?
[Iain] Eleven.
[Rob] Eleven. Eleven.
[Iain] Eleven.
[VOICE] Could you please repeat that?
[Rob] EL-EV-EN.
[Iain] Whose idea was this? You need to try an American accent. “E-leven. E-leven.”

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