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Why Coloring Is An Excellent Meditation?

Why Coloring Is An Excellent Meditation For Stress Relief

coloringColoring is a simple meditative practice that has gained huge popularity in our highly stressful corporate world…. and there are real reasons why you can achieve a meditative mindlessness, remove anxiety and work through trauma while coloring. 

The rhythmic activity of choosing a color and copying that color around similar shapes that surround a mandala, and choosing another color and shape, and repeating… is a simple and relaxing way to achieve a form of mindlessness similar to what we reach for in our meditations.

We seek to remove self-talk and replace it with a theta wave brain flow of aware creativity.

Imagination is Manifestation

Before we choose a color, we activate our imagination, the part of our awareness that can see...

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This Breathing Calm You Down In 60 Seconds

This Breathing Exercise Will Calm You Down In 60 Seconds

Stress may be an unavoidable part of life, but the way you respond to it is totally in your control. We reached out to LA-based breathwork expert Ashley Neese for an easy routine that anyone can use to bust through stress naturally. Give it a try and feel yourself unwind.

ashleyneesebreathworkChanging the way you breathe is the fastest way to change how you feel.

When you’re anxious about an upcoming presentation at work, stressed from rush-hour traffic, or feeling edgy from a poor night’s sleep, regulating your breath will calm you down quickly.

Stress jump-starts the body’s fight or flight response, which tenses muscles and keeps our mind narrowly focused on whatever is causing the stress...

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The Mindset-Shifting Hack

The Mindset-Shifting Hack That Gets You What You Really Want

mantramonday_mindsetshifting-825x496Mindset is everything. You’ve heard that a thousand times and probably even tried some pretty compelling mindset practices in order to shift your thoughts and hopefully manifest your desires — right?

I’ve done it all. I’ve tried everything from writing affirmations 100 times a night and creating vision boards to posting notes all over my house to remind me of how I want to think and feel.

While some of the practices worked for a while, they felt too cumbersome and repetitive to keep up with. That is, until about eight months ago, when I found the most powerful mindset hack I’ve ever tried.

After a particularly difficult few months in my business, I had begun to struggle to believe things could get better, or were gettin...

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Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy

The Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy (And How To Trigger Them)

whatmakesyouhappy-825x496When we ask ourselves what makes us happy, we often think of the circumstances, possessions, or people in our lives. In reality, happiness is largely a chemical experience. Four main neurochemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters generated in the brain are fundamentally responsible for creating the sensations and emotions we’ve come to associate with happiness.

This is actually great news. It means even when circumstances, possessions, or people in our lives aren’t exactly as we’d like them to be, there are simple ways we can increase our happy brain chemicals and alter our moods.

I talk about this with my mindfulness students in elementary school, and they really understand the concept...

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How to Deal with Chronic Fear and Anxiety?

chronic anxiety man_croppedIn this section we address things you can do on your own to work with fear and anxiety. We do not cover the many valuable techniques and therapies available when working with professional psychologists or other providers. These are essential for those who have experienced trauma or are suffering from intense chronic fear or anxiety.

Avoid avoidance

The only way to deal with fear is to face it. Avoiding it prevents us from moving forward—it makes us anxious. Therapists can be invaluable in helping us work through our avoiding strategies. If you have experienced trauma, it is especially important to work with a therapist to create a safe environment where you can face your fear and reconstruct your memories.

Another technique in milder situations is to use mindfulness meditation techniques...

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Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Emotions

M&M emotion game

Play this game from

Many people even report experiencing profound personal growth after difficult periods in their lives. But this period of growth only occurs when the negative emotions are dealt with in a healthy way.
Rather than getting caught up in the suffering (“I can’t stop going over what I did wrong”) or trying to mask the feelings (“I just try to push it out of my mind”), a responsible and productive way to deal with negative emotions is to accept them as a natural human response to pain.
When you find yourself struggling with a difficult emotion, try one of these strategies:

  • Drop the thoughts you are telling yourself about the situation and turn your awareness toward your body...
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The Keys To Massive Success

Video- Tony Robbins – The Keys To Massive Success

Read all the way to the bottom because this 35 minute video could be worth millions to you! Tony Robbins delivers a life-changing, easy to follow blueprint in the time it takes you to watch a half-hour TV show! Watch this as many times as you can and, more importantly, put into practice what you learn here today. If you do that, I can promise you that your life will explode into massive and positive change!

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Cut out Negative people

Cut out Negative people

Dr. Phil: Protect yourself from BAITERs

6+ hours AudioBook : Life Code Book by Phil McGraw

Identify Bad Guys with Dr. Phil’s 8 Warning Signs | Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network


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11 Ways to Improve Concentration

11 Ways to Improve Concentration

It seems that boosting brain power and improving concentration are constant pursuits in our modern world, and some strategies are better than others. Some of the best ways to improve concentration include manage your attention, avoid constant sensory input, prioritize, set a schedule, regulating your diet, and eating brain-boosting foods, just to name a few.

amenorrheaImproving Concentration

Without getting too scientific, concentration is the power to choose what you pat attention to and what you ignore. Concentration is a fundamental aspect of our social, professional, and personal lives, and drives much of what we do. If we are unable to concentrate on the road, we would be unable and unsafe to drive...

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Discipline and Commitment

Zig Ziglar – Discipline and Commitment


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