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How to lower LDL and raise HDL naturally? HDL vs. LDL

How to lower LDL and raise HDL naturally? When is the last time you had your cholesterol checked?

Despite the fact that high cholesterol has been linked to a number of serious health complications, including an increased risk of heart disease, the vast majority of American adults are not sure just how high or low their LDL and HDL levels are and How to lower LDL and raise HDL naturally? But what you don’t know, in fact, can hurt you.

This is why we are breaking down everything you need to know about cholesterol so you can take the precautionary measures necessary to achieve a healthier body and a healthier future.

How to tell the difference between good and bad cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is made naturally by the liver and obtained from food sources...

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The Incredible Secret of China’s Oldest People

China’s remote Bama County is home to a significant number of the worlds oldest people but what is the secret of a long and happy life? Today this remains the eternal unanswered question.

“I don’t have any secret of living a long life. You need to be a good person with a balanced mind”, says Huang Xu Ping who is currently 113. According to locals, the abundance of “sunshine, clean air and water”, is reason for their longevity. But with more and more tourists coming to see them could the trappings of the modern world end their old way of life?

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The Secrets of Longevity & Healthy Aging in Okinawa Island, Japan

I used to think that there were only a handful of people over the age of 100 in the world. How wrong was I about secrets of longevity! The Japanese island of Okinawa alone has about 457 of healthy aging people. It is considered to be the healthiest place in the world, where the average life expectancy of an Okinawan woman is 86, and man’s is 78. Not only do they live long lives, they live very healthy and happy ones too. A fine example is 96-year-old martial artist Seikichi Uehara, who, at his age, defeated a thirty-something ex-boxing champion. And also Nabi Kinjo, the 105-year-old woman who hunted down a poisonous snake and killed it with a fly swatter.

The Secrets of Longevity

The Okinawans’ secret, I’ve come to understand, lies in two things – their food, and their attitude towards ...

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105 Year Old Japanese Man is Oldest Professional Athlete

105 Year Old Japanese Man is Oldest Professional Athlete

Oldest Professional Athlete Just Ran 100 Metres In 42 Seconds

Hidekichi Miyazaki of Japan set a new record as the world’s oldest competitive sprinter this week, one day after turning 105, but said he was disappointed at falling short of his own personal best. “I wanted to shave off a few more seconds as I got 36 seconds while training,” Miyazaki, told the media after completing his heat with a time of 42.22 on Wednesday at the Kyoto Masters Athletics Autumn Competition. His personal record of 34.10, chalked up when he was 103, remains unbeaten for any one who is more than a 100 years old.

105-years-old-marathon. Mr. Miyazaki set a new record as the world's oldest competitive sprinter after turning 105

Oldest professional athlete

Born on Sept. 22, 1910, Miyazaki was already eight when World War One ended and the Titanic was being built and 34 when Japan was defeated in World War Two...

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Healthy Aging: an ancient idea, a modern solution in Japan

Today, Japan enjoys the longest life expectancy and healthy aging population in the world

With the most healthy aging population, Japan is facing all the problems of a rapidly aging society. If left unchecked, the growing cost of medical care for Japan’s elderly will cause national financial collapse.Today, Japan enjoys the longest life expectancy and healthy aging population in the world

Healthy Aging Japan The government of Kanagawa prefecture, where the population is graying faster than anywhere else in the country, has launched a program to cope with the challenges.

Kanagawa is pursuing a “healthy aging” model, based on ME-BYO, a 2000-year-old concept from Asian medicine. ME-BYO is the gradual change between a state of health and illness. If we can catch ME-BYO promptly and cure it, we may be able to keep people healthy andToday, Japan enjoys the longest life expectancy and healthy aging population in the world independent longer.
Kanagawa prefecture is challenging doctors...

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Living a Healthy Life – 3 Food Lessons from Japan Healthy Lifestyles

Keys to a Long Life & Healthy Lifestyles

Living a Healthy Life - 3 Food Lessons from JapanIn Japan, people tend to live long, healthy lives. Cultural values certainly play a role – the Japanese emphasis on healthy lifestyles, moderation extends to meal times, where the widely followed cultural maxim instructs you to stop eating when you feel 80% full. But the food itself plays an even bigger part to living a healthy life: the Japanese diet is incredibly rich in seafood and vegetables prepared in ways that make for healthy eating.

But, you don’t have to be a Japanese-style cook to take advantage of the key ingredients that make Japanese food healthy for seniors, or to prepare delicious recipes like the three included here.

Perhaps the simplest way to evaluate the healthiness of a given culture’s diet is to measure the life expectanc...

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7 Things Japan Can Teach You About Blueprint for Healthy Living

7 Things Japan Can Teach You About Blueprint for Healthy Living

Want to know where to look to live a long, prosperous, healthy life? It’s simple. Just look east.

Japan, the land that gave us such treasures as Hokusai, Mothra and the delicious snack-stick known as Pocky , offers what may be the world’s best blueprint for healthy living. Not only do Japanese men and women routinely rank at the top of lists detailing humanity’s longest and healthiest life spans, but, in the most recent World Health Organization study, Japanese women came in first with life expectancies of 87.0 years.

And it’s not all due to genes. We teamed up with Aetna to give a head-to-toe examination of all of the secrets of the Japanese lifestyle, from seaweed to mountain climbing to zen. So while you might never turn Japanese, you’ll be able to live more like them.

They v...

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13 Healthy Diet Habits from Around the World

13 Healthy Diet Habits from Around the World

13 Healthy DietWhen it comes to eating (and many other indulgences), the United States is a culture of excess. To the average American, bigger plus faster equals better; we shovel massive quantities of food and beverages into our mouths on the go, scarcely taking time to taste what we’re consuming … and then we complain about how much weight we’re gaining. Meanwhile, diners in other countries favor moderately sized but well-rounded portions, savor their meals in a leisurely fashion with friends and family members, and make exercise part of their daily life. Is it any surprise, then, that so many people in other cultures sustain enviably trim figures without depriving themselves of culinary enjoyment? Let’s learn how they do it.

Eat at Home More Often T...

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10 Reasons Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

10 Reasons Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

“A good, functional and healthy body is the ultimate fashion statement.” Kiyokazu Washida, fashion critic

1060138Recently I came upon a small, but informative book by Naomi Moriyama entitled, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat. Intrigued and a bit skeptical, although I follow a very similar style of diet, I found some delicious recipes to add to my daily repertoire of meals and gleaned some useful tidbits of information. Such as, for the past 25 years Japanese women have held the world record for living the longest, 86.4 years. Not just the women, Japanese men have the longest life expectancy among all men in the world’s 192 nations. Much of this distinction is attributed to eating a healthy diet.

Shopping at the fish market in Tokyo. Trader handles bag containing prawns to the buyer. A varierity of different kinds of prawns in the background.

Shopping at the fish market in Tokyo.

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Life Expectancy & What You Can Do Living the Good Long Life Too

Why Do Japanese People Living the Good Long Life?

The Japanese Diet and life expectancyJapan has the oldest life expectancy in the world. That means people in Japan living the good long life. Men live to 79 years old. Women live a little over 86 years old. What in the world causes Japanese people to live so long?

After WWII, Japan had one of the lowest life expectancies in the world, which suggests it’s not genetics that keeps them alive for so long (the guy in the picture above just turned 113). It’s not even that Japanese people visit doctors 12+ times a year. The answer is something else, and it’s something you can do as well to increase your own life expectancy (and get healthier, too)

The Japanese Diet and life expectancy

japanese-meal diet life expectancy I’m no diet expert, but I can tell you that the things Japanese people eat are a lot healthier than ...

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